The Shire

What is “The Shire”

The Shire is described as a small but beautiful and fruitful land, beloved by its inhabitants. The Hobbits have an extensive agricultural system in the Shire but are not industrialized – thus the reason for no cell service. This landscape included a deep valley with a small stream running through it with pockets of forest (similar to the English countryside). Various supplies were produced in the Shire, including fruit, wood and pipe-weed.

The name "Shire" harks back to T.H. White's book England Have My Bones, where White says that he lives in "the Shire" (with a capital "s").

The industrialization of the Shire was based on Tolkien's childhood experience of the blighting of the Worcestershire countryside by the spread of heavy industry. The rebellion of the Hobbits and the restoration of the pre-industrial Shire may be interpreted as a prescription of voluntary simplicity as a remedy to the problems of modern society.

Thus Whitepine Shire is a representation of what JRR Tolkien had in mind as the perfect setting & abode for his beloved Hobbits.

Beware - Haunted Forest

Who knows what lurks about -Whooo.

Fancy Shire House

Some of our residence like to live it up. Notice the sod on the roof.

Deck overlooking the Shire

What a great opportunity to admire Whitepine Shire with a glass of wine while watch the Alpacas graze.

Fairies Coming by Boat

The Fairy’s are now coming into the Shire via boat.

Fire Pit for visitors

Nothing could be more fun then sitting around a roaring campfire - especially when you are eating Smores provided by your hosts.

Gigantic Mushroom

Hobbits eat 6 times a day and one of their mainstays are mushrooms. They don't have green thumbs but they do have brown ones.

Troll House

This Troll house is 700 years old. It is also home to our ourdoor critters including some squirrels.

Habitat Trails

The fence lined trails between their abodes.

Frodie Arbuckle Fairy House

Frodie is settling in just fine. Started getting his mail just the other day.

Wizard and Wagon

This beautifully designed piece is made entirely of cement and was hand-crafted specifically for the Shire.

5 Foot Dwarf house

My they are growing them bigger and bigger.

Mural of the Shire

There are 3 separate murals depicting different scenes of the Shire - see if you can find the one where a pair of hairy feet are showing.

Frontal Foto of the House in the Shire

This foto shows all the details as the Fairies and Elves have been bickering over the Halloween decorations. The Elves brought the pumpkin and the Fairies lit the tree with orange lites.

Shire Mailbox

9 3/4 Hobbit Lane
It seems that Hogwarts had some influence on our address...


Here is a photo of the film crew from HGTV filming “Home Strange home”.

Comfy Living Quarters

The Shire of Montana is not just any hole in the ground!

We even have our own Castle

The Shire has it’s own Elf Village called Elven and this is it’s castle.

Wishing Well for the Shire

This is the main water supply for the Shire. Trolls always get first dibs, then it's the dwarfs, Elves and Fairies with the Sprites being last but they only drink the mist.

Dwarf Fern Home

One of the dwarfs has set up home in our Fern Grotto.

The Shire Communications Center

When we say we believe in magic – we mean it! A constant supply of Fairy Dust is brought to the Shire via rainbows.

Fancy Camerawork

MTV cameraman looking at viewfinder while filming "Extreme Cribs" segment.

All snuggled in for the Winter

A well insulated house keeps Hobbits warm all winter long.

Standard Shire Abode

One of the many Hobbit Houses in the Shire.

Filming MTV "Cribs" Show

Chris, Steve and Yanna... producer for the MTV's Extreme Cribs program.

Bench at the Shire House

This special 2000 lb rock was literally chiseled in Bali and shipped to the USA. The real story is that it is really a troll that looked into the sun and was turned to rock over 600 years ago when Gandalf the wizard confused them as they were about to eat some Hobbit for dinner.

Silbo Wooley Toes

On his way to New Zealand, Silbo stopped by for some ale with his brother.

Whitepine Shire Waterfall

Often times you can see the sprites dancing in the morning mist of the waterfall.

Our Hosts

The Queen & King of the Shire in a photo shoot for the NY Times.

Frumkins Place

Frumkin finally settled down and has his own place here in the Shire.

Honeymoon Suite

The Shire has a lot of newlyweds so they decided to build their own Honeymoon Suite... Do Not Disturb!

Barbeque Deck

What Shire would be complete without a deck for barbecue's. This deck comes complete with a gas grill, picnic table and view of the Michaels pond and Alpaca ranch.

Whimsical Elven Village

Here is just one abode of many in Elven Village.

Grandmother Tree

Our resident caretaker!

The Shire from the Sky

The color and intricate details come forth from an overhead foto of the Shire.

Come & Relax

Cute couple relaxing near the "River Shire".

Troll Mine

This is one of the scariest places in the Shire as the Trolls live down below. We keep the light on during the night to keep them at bay and keep a club at the entrance... just in case!

Special Elf Tree

We didn’t think it possible but one of the many elves made his home in this tree.

Troll Bridge

Early morning photo of the Troll bridge. Be careful when crossing as the wee ones like to giggly & make noise with new visitors.

Mural Covered with Snow

Sometimes we see the dwarfs just staring at the mural wishing for an early spring.

The Shire Master Bedroom

Ultimate detail right down to a wizard hat

Laundry Day

Q: Why are there only dresses hanging on the line. A: Well they are Fairies!

Elven Village

Our latest edition to the Shire for the wee ones... Elves that is!

Animals of the Shire

Fairy Houses of the Shire

Fenoderees Fairy House
Florellas Fairy House
Habetrots Fairy House
Lobs Fairy House
Nanny Button Cap Fairy House
Patchs Fairy House
Pattys Fairy House
Pinkets Fairy House
Queen Mabs Honey House
Shramrock Fairy House
Tibs Fairy House
Tom Corkles Fairy House