This unique Guest Resort features spectacular views of Cougar Peak and Whitepine Alpaca Ranch. Stay in an authentic but luxurious dwelling which lies in the colorful forested foothills of the Cabinet Mountains up in the Shire of Whitepine Valley approximately 8 Miles S.E. of Trout Creek, the huckleberry capital of Montana and 16 miles N.W. of Thompson Falls. This lushly appointed Tourist Home is tastefully furnished with a crafted King Size Bedroom, a smaller cozy bedroom, HD-Blu-Ray TV, land line Phones and Wi-Fi, XM Radio and a designer’s kitchen furnished with customized granite counters, and all the appliances and tools a chef needs for gourmet creations including the pots and pans, dishes, silverware and even a spice rack. This enchanted guest retreat also includes a deck with gas barbeque.

The Shire of Montana is truly a sound architectural masterpiece that boasts an eco-friendly mentality for heat conservation. The dome ceiling provides a peaceful acoustic experience that softens any stressful mood. As a partially underground suite that is embraced within the earth and designed with aesthetic appeal, it offers many modern day conveniences, yet incorporates the mystique and caricature of a cozy Hobbit House patterned after the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. With master craftsmanship details throughout the premises, combined with the imaginative surroundings the Shire of Montana is a meticulously built, unique and mystical experience.

A Romantic Couples Hideaway ~ We Cater to Adults Only

Here at the Shire, we have created a whimsical, romantic environment where adults are able to connect with their inner spirit, imagination and freely commune with nature. For this reason, we limit our visitors to adults only.

With the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, there needs to be a place where adults can get away and let their “Inner Child” out. No worries, no hassles, no cell phone and no children. Our resort was built with this idea in mind using only the finest in quality and craftsmanship that makes up the Shire of Montana.

When individuals leave our House on the Shire, they marvel at all of the intricate details and how nothing has been left to the imagination in this Fairytale like village. Sometimes couples just need several days to themselves to sit back with a nice glass of wine and be bathed in the lap of luxury, re-confirm their relationship, reconnect with nature or meditate on their spirituality while being surrounded with magic and fantasy.

The Shire was made with a lot of loving care. Every well meaning parent and grandparent say that their children are well behaved; but, it is difficult to stop little hands from pulling tiny elf doors off the trees or handling the fragile miniature accessories in our Elven village. Allowing children makes it both difficult for the parents who are ever watchful of their kids to really enjoy themselves and for the children who cannot just be kids because they are not allowed to touch.

We thank you for your understanding about our children policy. We also invite you to consider a romantic getaway weekend at a place like no other. We as its caretakers are protecting it and its integrity for the many other guests who will be visiting in the future.


Reservations are required in advance and must be guaranteed with a major credit card. To plan your stay at the Shire, please call (406) 827-7200 or email us at You can also check our availability calendar using the “Vacation Rental by Owner” web site at Our listing number is 324679.

Download our reservation form: RESERVATION FORM

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Lodging for this “Once in a lifetime” adventure is $295 per night for 2 people with a minimum of two nights for holidays and weekends. An additional charge of $50 per night will be added to your stay for a third person. We require a major credit card placed on the room for reservations and also require a one night, non-refundable deposit which will be applied to your stay. No smoking, pets nor children are allowed.

Closed for the Winter:

Due to all of the snow that we get up in the "Shire" and the limited ability to see all of the intricate, detailed items such as Elven Village and the Fairy Houses that are so close to the ground, we are closed in the winter from November 1 ~ May 1.


Policy states that there are strictly no refunds. If you are not able to make your appointed reservation, you may elect to book at another time for up to 1 year or give the reservations to another party. We retain the right to cancel your reservation at any time with a full refund.

The Shire of Montana was built with tender loving care and started in May, 2008. Here is a tribute to the many artist and craftsmen involved with the project.

Artist commissioned in the creation of the The Shire

The Shire of Montana has been meticulously designed to the finest of details. From painting the electrical outlets to match the blue pine wall siding right down to a hand crafted piece of granite used for the back of the commode. No expense has been spared when it comes to this magical kingdom... there is nothing else like it in the world.

We receive many questions regarding the unusual items presented here in the Shire. So here is a list of the famous and not so famous artists along with their medium.

Artists featured in this Magical Hideaway are Kim Matthew with his beautifully designed Waterfall with its meandering creek. World renowned artist Dwight Eberly from Sea Ranch, California displays a huge 4’ x 6’ painting in the main room of the Hobbit House entitled Earth Mother reminding one of the undulating powers of nature. Mark Abernathy of Rustic Log Creations provided the 700 year old Troll House from the Redwood Forest of California. Don’t worry, it has been a stump for some time – nothing was cut down for our kingdom. Mark also designed and sculpted the beautiful red Juniper furnishings in the House at the Shire. And not to be outdone, his wife Becky Abernathy crafted the awesome lamp shades that are in the living room and master bedroom.

The list continues with the beautifully designed Etched Glass windows for the two bedroom doors. The master bedroom window is of a famous Wizard holding his staff with a colored jewel incased at the top of his staff. The second is an etched candle for the spare bedroom by our local artist Heidi Dettwiler of Heidihobbie Creations. Some of our specialty, old styled lamps were created and hand made by Mica Lamps out of Los Angeles. The one hanging on the Wizard’s wagon in the exterior garden was specially designed for the Shire. Our outdoor lawn centerpiece of the Famous Wizard riding in his wagon sculpted of cement for us by Arturo Morando from Morando Sculptures of Spokane Valley, WA.

Our handsomely crafted, Octagon Wishing Well and Troll Bridge come to us all the way from Pennsylvania and were built by the Amish. The Troll Mine was fabricated and built by local landscape artist and designer Dan McJunkin. The artistic display and careful handling of all the rock on site along with excavation and backfill of the Shire House itself was done by Ben Travers of Travers Excavation.

Art design credits for all of our signage and logo go to Lana McFadden from Porcupine Designs presently located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The whimsical Birdhouses and Creative Art come to us from Bird House Crossing located in Bull River, Montana. Cindy Iversen takes many hours to find just the right driftwood to create these one of a kind masterpieces... and speaking of masterpieces, our own Tracy Stevenson hand designed all of our post cards and specialty cards from the many creations in the shire. She is also the designer and builder of Elven Village.

And the master himself, Stan Hamm from Hamm Construction is the contractor and senior designer of this Enchanted Kingdom along with his long term associate, Austin Hannawalt. Stan and Austin have been working on the Shire since May of 2008, from pouring cement in 20 degrees below zero weather to meticulously placing each piece of cedar shingle on the cottage in over 90 degree heat in the summertime. Mr. Hamm has overseen every aspect of this job and should be very proud of his keen eye for detail and master craftsmanship throughout the entire job.

The cute fairy like laugh on the beginning of this site along with the Wizard hat and Troll shoes were provided by Jamie Hamm, the wife of Stan of Hamm Construction. Some of the rock creations were designed and built by Liz Smith or Rocks... by Liz. She is one of the many native Trout Creek, Montana artisans. Our custom Shire mailbox was designed and made by Mark Wigen of Wigen Timber Mgt.

As you drive up Hobbit Lane, you will be accompanied by a row of smaller magically lit wooden mushrooms with a giant mushroom greeting you at the house specifically crafted by Ray Schultz from Washington. Even our cabinet knobs are made from real stone that were provided by the Elves themselves but constructed by Misty Mountain Furniture in Sandpoint, Idaho. Our entertainment center and sound system was configured and installed by Nat Burgess of Whitepine Entertainment.

The hand carved, 2000 pound stone bench (formerly a Troll) was brought to us from Idaho Stone in Sandpoint. The rock was shipped all the way from Bali and was carved in Florida by a master craftsman. The meticulously hand painted murals were done by Pamela VanKirk.

And finally the Shire has been approved and blessed by my dearly departed friend Doctor Jimmie MacKimmie, a well known healer and author of the book, Presence of Angels; a Healers Life.

From Start to Finish

Contractors and Builders for the Shire

Hamm Construction – Stan Hamm and Austin Hannawalt builders.

Anthony Train – A. Train Electric has been on the job for over a year and adds the mystically lit foreground and background of this fairy like village. Anthony spent many hours laying wire from the beginning stages of the dome before it was hard cement through the finish installation.

Andrew South – South Industries provided the cement Dome Home.

Tom Wagler – Wagler Cabinets from Trout Creek. Meticulous cabinetry for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

Dave Klaus – Plumbing with a taste of quality

Whit Olds – Vann’s in Missoula provided all of the appliances and sound for our guests. They have provided excellent service.

Bill Susic – Poured much of the cement for the retaining walls in the middle of winter and had to lay canvas over the freshly poured cement so it wouldn’t crack.

Bob Martin – Hand made the miniature fencing for both whimsical Hobbit houses.

Alpine Granite Accents – Excellent Job providing the kitchen granite.

Terry Travers – Cement expert extraordinaire.

Rick Christensen – Advanced Systems providing the EVR air distribution system

Cory Freeman – Provided all of the trenching needed to run power throughout the Shire.

Bob Jacobson - Carpet Brokers of Missoula

Scott Sol – Energy Partners providing the instant–on hot water system and the underground propane tank for our backup power system and barbeque needs.

Rich Royal – Royal & Sons was the originator & builder of many of the abodes throughout the Shire.

James Thomas – Master woodsman and clearer of the wooded Shire.

Tracy Stevenson - Fairy Godmother and Elven Village designer and builder.

Mark Wigen - Designer and master builder of the Shire mailbox.

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